Concrete Gone Wild

Written by Amy Meadows

Our work appears on pages 33–39 of the digital issue.

You want a material that’s as beautiful as it is functional. A material that gives you a variety of options and allows you to customize it to your liking. A material that will stand the test of time and let you enjoy it without an excessive amount of maintenance. Believe it or not,… Read more »

Poolside Manor

Written by Jeanne Lyons Davis Photographed by Emily Followill

Yong Pak, Richard Anderson and Jennifer Healey create a splash with a breezy backyard retreat for a home not so far away from home.

While many people think of a pool house as an outdoor rec room where not-so-refined furniture and terry cloth towels go to retire, decorator Jennifer Healey of J. Healey Interiors upgraded this concept, designing a breezy and elegant… Read more »

Concrete Bench and Waterfall In One

Project submitted by John Ziebarth, Turning Stone Design, East Point, Ga.

By Anne Balogh, columnist

Wabi sabi is a Japanese design aesthetic that embraces inner serenity (wabi) and an appreciation for the beauty of natural imperfection (sabi). Accordingly, Ziebarth left the concrete bench its natural state, with no pigment or special finishes added. He cast the bench in one piece using lightweight glass-fiber-reinforced concrete and a blend gray and white… Read more »