Can you ship your concrete products?TurningStone_Table-2375
Yes, we crate & ship all of our precast products.

What design features can I incorporate?
Virtually anything!

How soon will I get my product?
Once all pertinent information has been received, expect 20-30 days for your project to be completed.

What is your warranty?
Turning Stone Design will provide technical assistance for the lifetime of our product and we stand behind the product for a lifetime under normal use.

How thick will my concrete be?
Although there is virtually no limit to the thickness of our concrete, our standard thickness is 2 inches for countertops and 1 inch for sinks.

Will my concrete crack?
Our mix design is formulated to be extremely crack resistant. Slight hairline cracking is inherent in concrete and are not considered defects.

How do I care for my concrete?
The recommended routine maintenance for our product is to clean with mild, non-abrasive, non-ammoniated soap and wax every 3 months with a food safe carnauba wax.

What concrete colors can I choose from?
Although we prefer to blend concrete naturally without the use of pigments, we currently offer 8 standard colors. You can also custom color to your specifications using the Benjamin Moore ® color palette.